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Zoey Dollaz bulletproof car


Zoey Dollaz Has a New Idea: A Bulletproof Car Service

Zoey Dollaz Speaks About The Bulletproof Car

Just recently, Zoey Dollaz talked more in depth about his brilliant idea of a bulletproof car service for celebrities. This is something he has been pushing before his personal experience with gun violence.

Dollaz almost lost his life back in 2020 after a drive-by shooting. This brought back the topic of his invention in a recent interview with On The Radar Radio, as he was asked if his ”bulletproof uber” has come to life yet.

Why The Car Service is Important

Zoey Dollaz said, ”I created my bulletproof car service because my peers, my rap friends, they’re in danger. They wait till we get onto the highway and try and spray us.”

He also mentioned, ”Football players that come from the hood they gotta go back to the hood and see their people, but we see the stories of them getting harmed up so I’m like you know what? Let me create like an uber but with bulletproof vehicles, and I did that.”

The rapper also added that the shooting he was involved in happened after he took his mother’s new Mercedes Benz for a ride, and it was not bulletproof.

Check out the full Zoey Dollaz interview on Youtube below

Focusing on The Business Side of His Life

During the interview, he also emphasized the focus he had on his entrepreneurial ventures. Despite his recent drop, Thank You For Doubting Me, Dollaz has been directing his attention more toward his newly opened Hibachi restaurant and this car service.

“What keeps me wealthy is business. Real estate, restaurants, things that people need. Essential stuff that’s good for people. People gotta eat,” Zoey Dollaz says.

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Jeremiah Nazir
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Jeremiah Nazir is a New Jersey-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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