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Kingg Splashh


Artist Kingg Splashh Overcomes Adversity, Reaches New Heights

Meet Quadree Rollins, aka Kingg Splashh. Reigning out of Newark, New Jersey, now living in Connecticut, Kingg is a talented creator,. He is creating some noise in the North East area. Growing up with his mother, little brother, and sister, he took on a father figure role from a young age. Once his father was back in his life after legality trouble, he then moved to Connecticut. After fighting some legality trouble himself in 2017, he was able to see the value in freedom. In 2018 he would knowledge that music was his passion and would take it more seriously than ever.

Kingg Splashh’s Way Up

Ever since 2018, Kingg Splashh has been releasing music weekly. His melodic flow with his actual authentic verses started gaining steam with the consistency of his releases. Growing up, he would listen to and idolize Lil Wayne, Meek Mill and Gherbo. He attests many of his successes to his Uncle Ralo and his cousin Alleyboi Taj. The motivation and guidance they gave him growing up were from always being around music.

Kingg Splashh has a goal to inspire everyone he can with his music. He wants them to know that he can get through any obstacle they face. Through his music, they can find the motivation to do anything they want. Kingg Splashh makes it known, with his consistent work ethic, he opened up a show for his favorite artist Gherbo.

Recent EP Release

Kingg Splashh also wants to make it known that his EP just dropped on July 25th, “Love is Mandatory. ” It is a 6-track project, with the first two a nice rhythm dedicated to the females. The 3rd track is something that everyone can vibe to. The last 3 reflect his life on the streets and the battles he’s gone through.  Be sure to follow and support Kingg Splashh on Instagram too.

He is working on some visuals for the tracks. He has about five albums he has released on all platforms that you can check out here.

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Matt Kolesar
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Matt Kolesar is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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