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Man Threatens G Herbo While Holding His Son

Rapper G Herbo has never been one to play with, especially not when he’s around his children. Recently a clip went viral when a man ran up on G Herbo while he was holding his son. In the clip you can see the ‘Swervo‘ rapper didn’t appreciate the mans threats.

G Herbo Calmly Responds In Front Of His Son

The man appeared to be chasing his viral moment and may have even been joking about his intentions when he captioned the video, “@NoLimitHerbo Ion want no problem my boy.”

“I’d beat yo ass,” the man repeatedly said to antagonize Herbo.

“My son would beat yo ass, fuck you talking about,” Herbo responded. “I want you to say something crazy about my son. I’ll knock yo ass out right now!”

All things considered, this situation could have been a lot worse.

Check out the full video below:

Stop The Games

DJ Akademiks reposted the viral clip to his page and many took to the comment section in disapproval voicing concerns that someone can end up getting hurt over antics like that.

“This ain’t even funny thats how someone end up hurt forreal,” Gashi wrote. 

The clip shows Herbo spending quality time with his son Yosohn. G Herbo and his fiancée Taina Williams welcomed their second child together earlier this year. Their child Emmy Wright was born on May 17.

Herbo and social media influencer Taina started dating in 2019 and have been together since. The couple kept the engagement on the hush until the news eventually broke during a court hearing for Herbo’s federal fraud case back in December 2020.

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