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TeeWhy G is Swiftly Climbing the Charts


TeeWhy G is Swiftly Climbing the Charts

TeeWhy G is a Puerto Rican rapper who has been climbing the ranks of the music industry due to his masterfully constructed lyricism. Growing up in Hudson Country, New Jersey, he fell in love with music at a young age. In the 5th grade, TeeWhy took to poetry to express himself emotionally. He always felt inspired when he put pen to paper and progressed into the artist he is today through his hard work and persistence. When he got his shot to record in the studio back in 2009, he took full advantage and hasn’t looked back. 

Currently, TeeWhy is signed under his own record label Infamous Music Group. He intends on creating music that will uplift and inspire his fans. Having gone through many trials and tribulations in his own life and is no stranger to the pain people face daily. He hopes to take his life experience and use his own struggles as a catapult to help others get through their struggles. When TeeWhy G is not creating emotionally impactful music he enjoys creating uplifting party music that will put his listeners in good spirits and a smile on their face. 

TeeWhy G plans on releasing the sophomore album to his previous EP “No Pressure No Diamonds” in 2022. In this project, he goes deep into his life and the things he has gone through and overcome. In addition, many uplifting beats will undoubtedly be great for any party scene. TeeWhy G focused on giving the world the real him in this project as he’s refined his skills and grown as an artist since the release of his first project.

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