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Tn_boosie Continues to Shock the Music Industry


Tn_boosie Continues to Shock the Music Industry 

Tn_boosie is swiftly becoming one of music’s biggest sensations. Growing up in Seattle, Washington, he quickly discovered his unprecedented talent for music. At the age of only 8, he began writing his own music. Word of his talent began to spread, making him a local phenomenon overnight. His new hit single “Im That Winner” put the music industry on notice of this rising superstar. His unique lyrical style is something that we have yet to see out of any young artist. He credits his ability to be so creative from the greats he grew up listening to, mainly 2 Pac, and Nipsey Hussle.

Currently, Tn_boosie is an independent artist who has the desire to sign a promotional deal with a major label. When his fans listen to his music, he wants to deliver the message that anything is possible. He intends on being an inspiration for any young artist out there looking to follow their dream. He has the desire to work with Drake, and Roddy Rich in the future. If he keeps the pace he is going, everybody in the industry will be dying to work with him.

Who does Boosie work with?

Constantly in the studio with his producer, Jaccem Smaccem, Tn_boosie has consistently dropped new music since he hit the scene. Currently, Tn_boosie is working on his latest single which is a tribute song to the late great Biggie Smalls by remaking his legendary song “Juicy”. Biggie Smalls is a big inspiration to Tn_boosie and he wants to honor him by adding his own unique twist to his legendary song. This is an exciting time for Tn_boosie and all his fans as he embarks on the next phase of his career. Be sure to follow Tn_boosie on all platforms and watch him take over the rap game for many years to come.

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