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Parris Made It Out The Mud 

Parris, born as Parris Wilkinson, is an independent artist from New York City. He is the second born of 9 children and has had to face the difficulties that come along with this kind of family dynamic including fathers of him and his siblings not being around to support them. He was hardened by the life he had to live in order to survive in Brooklyn, New York. he unfortunately fell into the street life finding himself affiliated with gangs and being involved in the rough city life. His biggest challenge to date has been making it out of the trouble in the streets, especially growing up during the 80s. Through all of his struggle he has made it out alive and well, a talented artist supporting a family of his own. 

Parris has been doing music his entire life and he has always had an extremely strong passion for him as well as an outlet for him to express his feelings. Parris explains that music has become the only avenue where he feels he can be emotional and vulnerable due to his upbringing in the streets. Using his music to create something emotional is important to him as he can inspire his fans as well as his kids. He wants people to listen to his music and know he came from the same places they did and making it out is possible. Parris is currently working on several new songs and like most of his current songs they will detail his own life experiences. Be on the lookout for more from Parris soon.

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