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Kodak Black Responds To Jackboy Diss

Ex-Sniper Gang artist Jackboy and Kodak Black have been at each other’s throats lately and the rift only seems to deepen. Jackboy dropped a diss track many assumed to be aimed at his former label boss earlier this week, Kodak has responded.

Jealousy At Its Finest

On August 23rd, Yak took to Instagram to post a series of stories and accused Jackboy of being jealous.

“People B Hurt When They Can’t Be Yo Friend No More!” he wrote. “They Start Doing Lil Pussy Ass Hating Shit And Lying On Yo Name Try Bring You Down Wit Em Kuz They Really Need You Fr So If You Can’t Be They Friend No More ALL THEY MOTION GONE AND THEY LOSE HOPE.”

See Kodaks response below:

Kodak also shared a second post showing a photo of Jackboy and clowned him for not knowing how to properly throw up a “Z”.

“Everybody know this not how you throw the Z up,” he said. “This n-gga an imposter! I Tat a cross on my head he go put a cross on his too lol this bitch ass jit wanna be me so bad! Who tf brought him home? N-gga Ain’t got no stripes out here!”

The beef between the two has been ongoing for over a year after the two got into an alleged financial dispute.

The two have been going back and forth on social media lately following the arrival of “Renegade (Closure)” in which Jackboy raps: “You ain’t Z, you bought your way in. Boy you ain’t no killer, you be cryin’ when you get caged in. Never been on PC I’m in population with murderers. I was reppin’ yo’ brand goin’ hard makin’ sure they heard of us.”

More Shots Fired

Jackboy also took some shots at Black’s ties to former president Donald Trump, who back in 2021 commuted Kodak’s sentence as one of his last duties in the Oval Office.

“Had to counter-sue,” he continued. “You tryin’ to block motion, want me to be signed to you. Told Rolling Loud, y’all let him come then I’m not gon’ be comin’ through. Hatin’ on my success hoping that people don’t go and work with me. You’ve been a bitch, you did the same shit wit’ Choo Choo and Koly P.”

“You’ve been a bitch, you tried to pull stunts with Wam and Wiz. You the only n-gga I know that get mad when they artists lit. You the only n-gga fakin’ actin’ like you ’bout to spin. Yo’ ass a federal agent protected by the President.”

Extending An Olive Branch

In September 2021, Kodak tried to extend a olive branch to Jackboy following the death of Sniper Gang associate WizDaWizard.

“Fucked Up Feeling When You Can’t Even Explain How You Feel & Even When You Do Or Try To You Get Judged By Your Feelings,” he wrote. “Then , Funerals Turn To Photoshoots You Can’t Even Grieve In Peace.”

He added, “Let’s Use This As a Wakeup Call @Jackboy .. Shit Get Real Krazy Real Kwik Out Here , Unexpectedly ! & Fuck This Distance Love N-gga Come Give Me a Hug N-gga.”

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