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Footage of Michael Jackson Revealed


Footage of Michael Jackson Revealed

In the years before, Jay-Z was a millionaire and one of the hip hop’s G.O.A.T.s. He was a rapper rising the ranks and fighting off any competitors on his way. Then, in June 2001, Hov was one of the top performers. The Brooklyn rapper took stage during Hot 1997’s Summer Jam as the principal headliner. He did this to differentiate himself from his peers. During that concert, Footage of Michael Jackson being there has been revealed.

The legendary performance could propel JAY-Z further into the limelight while also sparking one of Hip-Hop’s most significant rivalries between Nas and him. There’s been only a few small clips from that evening released to the general public, along with many audio bytes and interviews. Still, the fans can now watch the show fully for the first time with the help of an official YouTube video uploaded on April 12th.

Unseen Footage of Michael Jackson

The YouTube channel HipHopVCR uploaded the entire set of 58 minutes. This features one of the most outrageous Hip Hop moments of all time. In the final moments of his show, JAY-Z wowed his Nassau Coliseum crowd. He did this by bringing out Michael Jackson, the famous late King of Pop, on the stage before a packed crowd.

The fans have witnessed the iconic scene before, but it’s not so clear as this upload. The video also features Hov doing “Takeover” on stage for the first time. In it, he displayed pictures of the former Prodigy from Mobb Deep as a young dancer on the Summer Jam screen. Jay-Z also sang the second verse in a cappella, and the crowd went wild when they heard him shoot pictures of Nas.

There’s no confirmation which was the one to capture the entire show in all its glory. However, Hip Hop fans are grateful for the person who has been given the many stories they heard about that unforgettable night on June 28th, 2001. In an interview in 2003 with MTV News, JAY-Z stated that Michael Jackson’s appearance was one of the highlights of his career.

“It was easier [to set-up] than what people would think,” the man stated. “It was not even that difficult. I didn’t have to call 100 times and babysit the situation.”

The footage of Michael Jackson being revealed, is a very cool moment for the hip hop culture.

Check out JAY-Z’s complete set below.

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