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Bad Boy and Death Row Collab On The Way?


Bad Boy and Death Row Collab On The Way?

Bad Boy and Death Row Collab could be on the way very soon according to an announcement made by Snoop Dog. He made it very clear it is on the top of his priority list. And in the upcoming show called the show Drink Champs, Snoop will provide more information on the specifics of what that partnership will look like.

The N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN hosted a web series and released a teaser trailer for the next episode. It featured Snoop offering more details about the collaboration.

“We can show growth and progression that we can move forward,” the rapper states in his teaser. “We can make the idea of Bad Boy x Death Row what it was before and transform it into one of the love of peace. Because that’s what I am. “I’m Suge and Puffy.”

Critics on the Possible Bad Boy and Death Row Collab

Snoop seemed to respond to critics who were not a fan of the Bad Boy and Death Row Collab due to the dangerous East Coast and West Coast conflicts in the 90s.

“Shut the fuck-up and stop getting brainwashed. I am a huge fan of Puff, I love his children now. What’s going on? I have Death Row, so I do what I want to,” he said.

The Gin and Juice icon has previously discussed the ongoing feud during an interview with Elliott Wilson’s C.R.W.N. series. He talked about a time the singer called Death Row founder Suge Knight via phone while he was in jail. Snoop said he had inquired of Suge whether he would be willing to negotiate a deal between Diddy and Biggie Smalls. However, the label’s head stated that he wouldn’t ever call for an end to the war.

“It made me feel fucked up because you see me trying to reach out and show love, and this is the message that you send,” he explained. “And the next thing you know, slowly, but slowly, they started to turn against me after they realized I was not in agreement with the business decision. I wasn’t in the bullshit. I was in the realness […] It was experiencing shit like”I’m living my life. You n-gas trying to die.'”

Snoop Dogg is a guest on Drink Champs on Thursday (April 14).

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