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Pusha T and Dr. Dre Tease Collaboration

Kanye West

Pusha T and Dr. Dre Tease Collaboration

“Pusha T” hosted a listening party for his forthcoming album “It’s Nearly Dry” in New York City on Tuesday night (April 12), at which the G.O.O.D. music president played the album throughout in the audience. Some of the top music industry figures and media professionals, and a few of his rap friends were in attendance. Pusha T hints towards a collaboration with Dr. Dre. Imagine a collab with Pusha T and Dr. Dre?

Kanye West and Pharrell equally share the production duties on the 12-track album, which is led by track singles “Diet Coke” and “Neck & Wrist.” Another famous producer, King Push, is looking to collaborate soon.

On Tuesday evening, the Virginia Beach native posted a photo of him having a drink with Dr. Dre at the album’s launch event on Instagram and hinting at possible collaborations within the post’s caption.

“If I start working on the next one, y’all can cancel Christmas,” the author wrote in an upside-down face emoticon. “hey @drdre.”

Pusha T and Dr. Dre Collab

Dr. Dre’s not the only veteran rapper on Pusha T’s list of wishlists. At his “almost dry” party on Tuesday night, Pyrex P admitted that he had unsuccessfully tried to secure a performance by Nas on “Hear Me Clearly,” his Vince Carter-themed track from Nigo’s I Know Nigo! Album.

“Nas was supposed to be on the end of ‘Hear Me Clearly,'” Push said to the audience, according to Apple Music Radio host Nile “LowKey” Ivey. Former Clipse MC replied to LowKey’s tweet by writing, “I will never lie to you Low… I tried,” with a pensive-face emoji.

Pusha T has yet to collaborate alongside Dr. Dre or Nas during his 20+ years of fame, but it doesn’t mean that he hasn’t had a conversation with rappers of the past.

Collab Could Be Coming Sooner Rather Then Later

It is featured on The Doctor’s Beats 1 Radio show The Pharmacy, in which Push released its remix for Drake along with Meek Mill’s “R.I.C.O.” in 2015 that same year. The Doctor, along with his N.W.A group -including Ice Cube, MC Ren, and D.J. Yella — has named Pusha T one of their top contemporary rappers.

“In regards to Dre and Ren saying what they said about me, it’s like the ultimate rap reward,” the rapper told the magazine in response to the announcement. “[Dr. Dre] is such an enormous figure; however, in terms of my influence, he’s like a legend … It was a total shock.”

While they were at it, Pusha T and Nas were both in the same room alongside Kanye West at Wyoming in the year 2018 to record their album, D.A.Y.T.O.N.A., and Nasir. Push even announced the possibility of a touring together with Nas, Kanye West, and Kid Cudi. Still, those plans haven’t come to fruition.

In September, Pusha T and Nas were part of a group of top music industry players who have invested $5 million in Audius, a streaming service based on blockchain technology, and aims to compete with Spotify, Apple Music TIDAL, and others.

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