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Tommy Carlucci


DJ Tommy Carlucci Owning The Spotlight

From Drumming for Tori Kelly on national television during the Christmas Rockefeller Tree Lighting to DJ spinning on NYC’s hottest Hip Hop station; Hot 97! meet Tommy Carlucci. One of the industry’s most talented, creative, and thriving music entrepreneurs right now!

Tommy Carlucci’s Run Into Music

Tommy Carlucci is a Connecticut-born and raised music entrepreneur specializing in the listener and in-person experience. He does touring gigs from weddings to clubs to television events. Tommy Carlucci is a pure and true creative who, from a young age, was always immersed in Music. Tommy Carlucci tells us, “Music has always been in my blood. It runs back to many family members being entertainers, musicians, etc. My family would introduce me to many genres, including soul to funk, hip-hop, classic rock, R&B, etc. My father was a DJ for 15 years, and I remember going to parties with him and watching him run the room. I was hooked. I started playing Drums at age five and DJing at sixteen. Haven’t stopped since!” Carlucci explains. It was when he knew he wanted to do this full-time that things started taking off. 

One of the hardest workers in the industry, Tommy Carlucci attests his success to constant networking, always making new mixes. Sleepless nights and studying his craft and always finding ways to innovate. His primary purpose with what he does is to know people leave his event with a smile on their faces and just having a great time. He knows that each gig is different and loves to see people enjoying themselves and living in the moment.

What You Can Expect From Tommy

Music-wise, Tommy Carlucci has been working with good friend Bryan Blox on some beats, but mainly, you can find his DJ mixes on his Mixcloud account. The two of them have some incredible sounds at work. Tommy explains working with Blox, “The dude is super talented and has an ear for music and producing like no other.” Carlucci said.

Next for Tommy Carlucci is continuous travel and performing all across the country. He mentioned his days vary as he’s always doing new things. Mainly he travels to do gigs and is always on go mode. He is prepping for new Music, working on branding, and most importantly, he still focuses heavily on visiting and spending time with family. He mentions to his fans to stay locked in on his Instagram for all announcements and updates to come. You can listen to his catalog of music on Spotify below:

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Matt Kolesar
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Matt Kolesar is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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