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Shutitdownsay Delivers New Anticipated EP “Every Emotion”

Long nights, hard work and dedication, and a tribute to the people going through the hardships, Shutitdownsay premieres an elegant catalog “Every Emotion”.

Get To Know Shutitdownsay

Meet the independent artist making headway in the industry, Shutitdownsay. Growing up out of Newport News, Virginia, there have been a lot of obstacles hurtled by the indie artist. Coming from a poverty-stricken area and growing up in a household of 8, Shutitdownsay has seen it all. He developed a maturity level well ahead of his time which allowed him to create the art he currently does. His EP is a tribute to his many experiences. These include seeing people be taken from this world too soon, to his closest friends being locked away. In this catalog, you can feel the raw, authentic delivery from this true artist.

Shutitdownsay has had quite the introduction to his music career. He started his music recording in his closet with just a microphone. Shutitdownsay wanted to ensure he made a better life for himself and get out of the streets which is why he poured his life into making music. He makes it a focus to just get a little better every day and wants his audience to resonate with him on understanding emotions. There is power in knowing that you are in complete control of your reality and in control of your emotions. He attests his family for the inspiration they provide to him.

His New Project “Every Emotion”

Shutitdownsay wants his audience to feel motivated and in control from listening to his project. He wants people to understand his story and know that they can elevate from any circumstance in life. His consistency and authenticity allows him to work with producers like Herb Sinatra and Gwhite. Sinatra and Gwhite work with Beyonce’s on the “Black Is King” album, which has a Grammy nomination.

Shutitdownsay is a family man and a father first, who won’t let anyone get in the way of making it for him and his family.

For more on this artist, Check out his EP below (streaming on all major platforms), and keep an eye on his journey up in the industry by following him on Instagram here.

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Matt Kolesar
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Matt Kolesar is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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