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Curren$y Speaks On Business With Other Artists

Curren$y on Collabs

Nowadays, artists often collaborate outside of the studio. Though artists often work together for branding or fashion deals, not everything is as it appears. Curren$y knows all too well that many artists have had their careers derailed by failed contracts. He doesn’t want to be another one of those artists, which is why he’s so careful about the deals he signs.

Curren$y was a recent guest on the A Suite Life podcast, where he talked about his career and how he doesn’t enjoy working with some of the more acclaimed artists.

Curren$y said the following, “It’s crazy, ’cause I mean like…luminaires in the game and people I really wanted to work with on any facet, be it fashion, music, anything. They just—some of ’em weren’t as cool as I thought. You sittin’ in your car and you listenin’ to a mothaf*cker, and you feel like…you feel a certain way!” the rapper continued.” He continued, “It’s like, ‘Nah, man, I’m pretty sure when we line up it’s going to be the same thing,’ [but] it’s like, ‘Oh. Him? This is crazy.’ So, I can’t make money with you because I know at some point that’s gon’ f*ck it up. I’m not going to be able to keep playing, you know what I’m sayin’? It’s gonna crash out and probably gonna cost us a gang of money once we really get into business.”

Check out Curren$y’s interview below:

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