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Sonny Gambino


Artist Sonny Gambino Converts Pain To Art

They say, with anything, consistency is critical. Especially when the competition is so cutthroat and abundant, you must be willing to do things others won’t to shine. That is precisely the mentality that the young, upcoming artist Sonny Gambino possesses.

Reigning out of Long Island, New York, Sonny Gambino is a talented independent artist demanding industry-wide respect. Coming from a strict, old-school Italian/American family, Sonny has rooted his upbringing in navigating the dog-eat-dog world of the music industry. He spends his time and prides himself on networking and marketing throughout his life.

Sonny Gambino Releases New Album

Debuting his new album that dropped on all platforms, “Pain In My Voice” is catching ears across the country. This album captures some of Sonny’s life’s rawest, most serious parts. The phrases or “tags” you hear at the beginning of each song reminds the listener what the theme and message are truly about. Throughout the project, Sonny delivers melodies and verses that are mysterious and metaphors for the audience to unravel. He wants his audience to feel relatable and rewarded when listening.

Sonny Gambino has generated a lot of inspiration from artist Lil Wayne. He started writing when he was 14 years old and would sit in his room writing verses after his older sister exposed him to rap. Sonny has goals to perform in front of thousands, seeing Lil Wayne do it, feeling like he can do the same.

A Day In The Life

Work is the constant focus for Sonny. He is focused on daily progress and keeping his mind and body right with exercise and healthy eating. Recording consistently and being a perfectionist will have Sonny recording for hours. Sonny makes sure to never take anything in life for granted. He loves his family and his fans and shows love and appreciation for everyone in his life.

Follow Sonny Gambino on Instagram where you can see all his content. Also, be sure to stream his catalog below/ to get a feel for his vibe and lifestyle!

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Matt Kolesar
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Matt Kolesar is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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