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Brian Rackliffe has Talent to Shape Personal Brands


Brian Rackliffe has Talent to Shape Personal Brands

Brian Rackliffe is a 23-year-old creative from Bristol, Connecticut. He graduated from Marist College in 2020 with a bachelor’s in communications and a Minor in Photography with the drive and passion for becoming a videographer/photographer within the music industry. He had discovered these passions only in recent years when he could use a DSLR camera in a college class and consistently practice his skills.

Post-college was where he met a few other creatives to create Four Shadow. This company provides the tools to create desired media solutions for any customer’s vision, brand, or company. Brian has learned so much through the team and his hard work and drive for success in this company. He finds his passion in helping create customers’ desired image and ambiance.

What has Brian Rackliffe done?

To date, Brian Rackliffe’s most outstanding achievement is creating regular content for World-renowned Barber Andy Authentic. Brian’s best work is displayed on Andy Authentic’s Instagram and website. Also, he takes pride in this work and holds a lot of excitement for more future milestones as an individual creative and a collective team with Four Shadow. This team of collaborative creatives has a strong connection and a clear vision of where they see Four Shadow futures. Brian Rackliffe finds an increase in drive, inspiration, and motivation with this group, resulting in better work for the brand.

A day in Brian Rackliffe shoes:

A typical day in Brain Rackliffe’s shoes involves a constant grind from morning to night. First, he wakes up and starts networking through Instagram to widen his connections and reach out to potential clients. Following this morning routine, Brian will help prep for day shoots; this could involve creating shot lists and organizing the itinerary. After prep, all members meet at the shoot to execute the gig or gigs. Once this is finished, the day is not over. The team will then update the schedule and organize the photos/videos they have captured to prepare for editing.

This nonstop work ethic nature has modeled Brian Rackliffe and his team to stay on top of the continuous grind needed to thrive in this industry. Brian Rackliffe is exceptionally talented and will be someone worth booking to help create your desired ambiance and vision. Be sure to keep tabs on him to see his latest creation.

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