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    BigBop is on the Rise and Moving Fast!


    Growing up in New York, BigBop was exposed to a wide variety of music from artists like Lil Wayne to Justin Bieber and from Sublime to Subtronics. He finds inspiration not only in other artists, but also in the hardships of life that have taught him a deep understanding of purpose and reality.  He carries these messages to others through his songs that talk about conclusive love and the drive to attack difficult obstacles in life that turn into the biggest successes.  He uses his own problems to fill that lonely void in the listeners and give a sense of belonging. 

    BigBop talents and popularity has scored his song a spot on Power105.1 as well as a feature with Soulja Boy on Lil Chimey’s single “Iced Out”.  His successes have been a result of his energy to constantly grind and create new sounds.  He is currently signed to himself, owning an LLC/Brand/Record Label Called (Wavy World) with a line of new music coming out.  He’s partnered up on a Music/Video Production/ Distribution deal with The CraftMakers where they create the beats mixing and video editing/filming as far as lyrics and melody, that is all from BigBop.  His latest hits include Only Know with Slip Pusha and Like My Bop music video.

    BigBop is an artist that will continuously pop up in the media with all his new hits lined up and ready to be released.  He cannot be stopped in 2022 and is only ready to keep producing more music for his fans.  BigBop is on the rise and moving fast!

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