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    Davidthadudee is Taking Over the Music Industry


    David Mullen, aka Davidthadudee, is impacting countless lives through his inspirational story. Growing up in the tough environment of Broward County, Florida, Davidthadudee had a plethora of negative influences surrounding him. To escape his harsh reality, music became Davidthadudee’s outlet. Through the process of listening to 50 Cent, Scarface, and Ludacris, Davidthadudee formed an incredible passion for music. He fell in love with songwriting to express himself and hasn’t looked back since. He continuously works on his craft day in and day out to reach the pinnacle of his musical talent. 

    Having to overcome many trials and tribulations transformed Davidthadudee into the man he is today. Drug addiction, homelessness, and years of negative self-talk has had an extremely impactful impact on his life. Through the power of Christ, Davidthadudee tapped into his inner strength and overcame his dreadful past. Now, he uses his story to help direct others from falling victim to negativity through his music. Davidthadudee wants his fans to take away the message that “All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me, and you are capable of achieving anything you put your mind to.” Since Davidthadudee’s incredible turnaround he has been able to recognize that all that he went through didn’t happen to him but happened for him. Without the struggle he wouldn’t have the impact on others that he currently does today.

    Davidthadudee has a new single dropping soon titled “Keepin it real with God” featuring Najie Dun. In addition, Davidthadudee intends on dropping a new project in the beginning of 2022. This is going to be a spectacular year for Davidthadudee as he continues to grow as an artist. Be sure to follow him and be on the lookout for new projects and daily motivation. 

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