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DJ Drama Wants A Verzuz Battle Against DJ Khaled

DJ Drama Wants All The Smoke With DJ Khaled On Verzuz

DJ Drama recently stated that he wants “all the smoke” when it comes to Verzuz battle. Drama even believe he could defeat fellow artist DJ Khaled in a Verzuz stand-off.

While making an appearance on the Rory & Mal Podcast, Drama was asked: “Last question. Verzuz. Who wins? You or DJ Khaled?”

DJ Drama replied: “How ’bout we just do it and see who wins? You can throw anybody in the mix and let’s see who wins. I want all the smoke. When it comes down to Verzuz, like what? I got a lot of cultural records. I am not to be underestimated.”

“LOX put on a master class and I would do the same fucking thing if I got my Verzuz. Set it up. I really like that. I’m the full package. Nobody’s outperforming me.”

See Rory & Mal’s Instagram post with DJ Drama below:

Earlier this month DJ Khaled made it clear that nobody could beat him toe to toe in a Verzuz battle while talking to the co-hosts of Drink Champs.

No One Is Beating Me

Khaled was anything but shy when pointing out the number of hits he has helped create over the course of his seventeen year career.

“I mean, that’s facts,” Khaled told N.O.R.E. when asked about “smoking” everybody in Verzuz. “Anybody that’s ever asked me that, I always said that. I’m never backing down on that talk […] I’ve SoundClashed my whole life. I’ve been battling my whole life, trust me.”

“I’m at a point right now; I’m blessed. You blessed, you blessed, we all blessed. But when it come down to battling and Verzuz and all that, I’m more of a fan of it because I’ve used to SoundClash my whole life.

“And I’m a be real with you, I don’t know how to do it halfway. It might get … you gotta respect my catalog! I respect the question, I respect how you came at it and I get it! EFN will tell you, I’m a Sound boy, I’m a Sound killer! You don’t understand. Nobody ever gave this shit to me.”

Stepping Up To The Challenge

Despite Khaled’s confidence, Dj Drama made it clear that he isn’t afraid of the challenge. In fact, Drama doesn’t appear to be intimidated by anyone.

Later in the interview, Drama gave some insight on Roc Nation’s “Free Lil Uzi Vert” campaign. Uzi originally signed to DJ Drama’s Generation Now label, however Drama’s relationship with fellow co-founder Don Cannon became toxic in 2019.

“We’re not culture vultures,” he said in part. “We are the epitome of the dream. What did y’all [Roc Nation] save him from? We didn’t do nothing wrong by that kid. All we did we help make him a superstar. It didn’t have to go down like that.

“And I love JAY-Z. He’s in my top whatever rappers of all time. This is not necessarily a criticism of him, per se. But c’mon now. Why was the spin Roc Nation saves Lil Uzi Vert’s career? Don’t paint us out to be the bad guys. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.”

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