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From the Streets of Chicago to the Global Stage: An Exclusive with WMG Racks

In the vibrant world of hip-hop, it’s rare to find an artist who remains authentic and true to his roots. Introducing WMG Racks, a genuine voice from the South Side of Chicago who’s making waves with his authentic storytelling.

Life and Lyrics: Drawing from the South Side of Chicago

Born and raised on the tough streets of Chicago, WMG Racks crafts music that mirrors his life. His lyrics are steeped in the experiences, struggles, and lessons from his upbringing. “Instead of reading my life story out of a book, you can listen to it in a song,” he mentions. It’s this raw honesty that’s been drawing listeners to his Spotify in droves.

Authenticity in Collaboration: WMG Racks’ Unique Voice

The music industry often tempts artists to conform, but WMG Racks from Chicago has stood firm in maintaining his unique sound. Beyond crafting his songs, Racks also engineers his music, ensuring every beat and note aligns with his vision. This commitment to authenticity has garnered him opportunities to collaborate with big-name artists and producers from Chicago and Atlanta.

One of his standout moments was seeing a video of his song receive 12,000 views in just two weeks. “This recognition solidified my belief that my voice as a Chicago rapper was starting to resonate,” he expressed.

WMG Racks: An Influence Beyond Music

While his music speaks volumes, Racks’ influence isn’t confined to just beats and rhymes. He has launched his clothing line, Zombees Apparel, and is also an ambassador for Mazinos Shoes.

His most recent project, “Marty Son,” exemplifies his growth as an artist. With hits like “Front Door” garnering massive attention on YouTube, Racks is clearly on an upward trajectory.

Crafting the Future: WMG Racks’ Vision

Looking ahead, Racks envisions signing with a major record label to expand his reach and influence. His strategy focuses on larger marketing campaigns and even better quality music. “I’m not trying to produce trash music,” he states firmly. With his dedication and the unwavering support from his fans, WMG Racks from Chicago is unquestionably an artist to watch.

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Clay Tucker
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Clay Tucker is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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