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Lil L.A. Marz


The Rise of Lil L.A. Marz: From Freestyling to World Domination

Milwaukee’s Independent Icon: Lil L.A. Marz

Lamar Walker, popularly known as Lil L.A. Marz, is an independent talent stemming from the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His journey, deeply entrenched in the realms of Rap, R&B, Pop, and more, reveals an artist who’s anything but confined to a single genre.

Crafting a Diverse Musical Palette

Diving into Lil L.A. Marz’s musical collection is akin to exploring a vibrant palette. With influences ranging from Michael Jackson to Trippie Redd and SoFaygo, Marz’s versatility is evident. “My style ranges from Rap, R&B, Soul, Funk, Disco, Pop, House, and Rock. If you’re not into one genre, I’ve got others lined up,” he comments.

But the journey wasn’t always about grand stages and albums. It began innocently, with school lunchtime freestyles back in 2017. The evolution from there to now showcases a transformation from casual rhymes to serious artistry.

Behind the Scenes with Lil L.A. Marz

Collaborations form a crucial part of Marz’s journey. Recalling one of his notable team-ups, he says, “I made a song with OnlyBino in 2021. It was aptly named ‘Perfect Timing’—and that’s what it felt like, coming right before he took the music scene by storm.”

His recent album with producer Dripz, “Back N Better”, and an 8-track release, “JUSTAPHASE”, released on April 4th, 2023, are testaments to his growth. Reflecting on JUSTAPHASE, Marz says, “The theme revolves around the idea that everything is ‘just a phase’, particularly emotions associated with the color black, like anger, sadness, and vengeance.”

Beyond his works, Marz has faced challenges, from scams by fake bloggers to financial hiccups. Yet, resilience defines him. “Nowadays, I guide others, warning them about the scams. As for finances, I balanced job searches with being persistent as a full-time artist,” he shares.

Listen to Lil L.A. Marz on Spotify to delve deeper into his musical world.


As for what the future holds? “I aim to perform at Rolling Loud, sell out shows both nationally and overseas. Above all, I aim to be the most successful independent artist of all time,” Marz confidently shares. He signs off with a teaser, “A new album is on its way. It’s titled WORLD DOMINATION¡. Stay tuned and stay blessed!”

For an artist as passionate and driven as Lil L.A. Marz, the sky’s the limit. As he continues to ascend in the music industry, fans and newcomers alike will undoubtedly be eager to follow along.

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Clay Tucker
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Clay Tucker is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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