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Travis Scott Shows Off “Priceless” Outfit at Rolling Loud

Travis Scott’s outfit made a strong statement at his surprise appearance with well-known rapper, Future at Rolling Loud in Miami. Although Travis Scott has gotten some comments about him imitating the clothing style of A$AP Rocky, this didn’t phase him. The 31-year-old, father of two, continues to thrive in the fashion world. This is shown clearly in his recently released and much-anticipated collection with Dior, shortly after the tragic Astroworld setback.

The Outfit

Travis Scott is one of many rappers to link with Instagram’s @chris_too_smoove. Chris is famous for his fashion videos where he interviews different celebrities to dissect the costs of their outfits.

During the interview, La Flame is asked by Chris “Who am I here with today”? Scott replies with a jokingly disapproved look to which Chris responds with “Aight, so it’s Trav, my boy! I see you dressed up… How much the hat”? Of course, rather than tell Chris the answer he was looking for, Travis smugly replies with “Priceless!”

Mr. Smoove continues with “How much the jacket?… How much the chain?” Scott, with no intent of playing the game the right way, replies with the same answer. It wasn’t until Chris moved down to the Richard Mille watch Scott was wearing that he replied differently. The Houston rapper returned with “We gon’ let Google do that,” while looking at the piece of luxury.

With intent, Chris shouts back with “Ohh, we gon’ do that”! He then continues to breakdown Scott’s outfit, asking “I see the pants, how much the pants, my boy”? Returning back to his original answers, La Flame says “Priceless!”

Closing the quick interview, the Instagram fashionista asks about the rapper’s sneakers, in which he turns around, ready to enter the vehicle behind him and snaps with “That’s crazy.”

Check out the full interview below:

During his Rolling Loud Miami performance, The SICKO MODE emcee Travis Scott joined Future on stage to play ‘goosebumps” along with his other hits during Future’s set.

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