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The Rise of 44REEL: Shaping the Staten Island Drill Scene

Staten Island, often overlooked in conversations about New York City’s vibrant drill music scene, is now gaining significant attention thanks to the emerging artist, 44REEL. With a style that is violent and rugged, yet meaningful and catchy, 44REEL has positioned himself as a key figure in bringing his borough to the forefront of this genre.

Pioneering Staten Island Drill

At the heart of 44REEL’s rise is his ability to bridge the sounds of Staten Island with those of drill strongholds like the Bronx and Brooklyn. This connection isn’t just about geography; it’s about creating a unified sound that respects the origins of drill while innovating it. 44REEL’s recent collaboration with Bronx artists Jay Hound and Jay5ive exemplifies his role as a mediator and pioneer within the scene.

Through his music, 44REEL delivers more than just hard-hitting beats and sharp lyrics; he conveys messages of resilience and community. His track “Please Don’t Run,” created with Jay Hound and 1ofthelastmcs, is a testament to this, having amassed over 100,000 streams across platforms and solidifying his place as a foundational voice in Staten Island Drill.

Collaborations and Community

The collaborative spirit is a significant aspect of 44REEL’s career. Working with local talents and artists from other boroughs, he not only enriches his music but also fosters a sense of community. This approach has been crucial in his journey, helping him to break barriers and bring different parts of the city together through the universal language of music.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, 44REEL has ambitious plans not just for his music but also for his entrepreneurial ventures. With a clothing line on the horizon and aspirations to start his own record label, his impact on the music industry is poised to grow. As Staten Island’s drill scene continues to evolve, 44REEL remains at the forefront, ready to take his sound to new heights and perhaps answer the question of who truly started drill in NYC.

For more music and updates, follow 44REEL on Spotify and Instagram.

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