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Ade The King


Ade The King: Pioneering Conscious Hip-Hop in Reno

Hailing from Reno, NV, Mark Porter, better known by his stage name, Ade The King, is a vibrant force in the world of independent music. An artist with a deep narrative, Ade’s journey in music is not just about sound, but about a profound message of positivity, love, and knowledge.

A Unique Musical Identity

Ade The King, originally from Reno, Nevada, stands out in the hip-hop genre with his conscientious approach to music. He describes his style as “2024 conscious hip-hop,” a blend that incorporates deep introspection with the engaging rhythms of traditional hip-hop. “Music that makes you think but also makes you nod your head in the car and dance when you’re at home,” Ade shares. His main influences include iconic figures like Jay-Z, Kanye West, T.I., and Kendrick Lamar, each contributing to the layered richness of his style.

Collaboration is a significant aspect of Ade’s creative process. Working closely with producers and other artists, including his cousin and main producer DatBoyGood, Ade thrives on the synergy that collaborative creativity brings. “Producers often send beats by email, but sometimes you meet in the studio and create from scratch,” he explains.

From Garage to Spotlight

One of Ade’s most cherished musical experiences was the creation of his last two projects alone in his garage—a setting that proved more inspirational than any professional studio he has frequented. This personal space allowed him to cultivate his sound authentically, resulting in music that truly represents his vision and message.

Ade The King aims to deliver more than just beats and lyrics. He intends his music to be a source of motivation and reflection, pushing boundaries and encouraging deep thought among his listeners. His commitment to crafting meaningful messages is evident in his recent project, an EP titled “It’s Still Early If You’re Reading This,” all tracks of which were produced by DatBoyGood.

Navigating the Music Industry

The challenges of the music industry are manifold, especially for independent artists like Ade. From finding the right collaborators to mastering various aspects of music production on his own, his journey has been one of relentless perseverance and self-improvement. These challenges have only sharpened his skills and heightened his dedication to his craft.

Looking Ahead

As for the future, Ade The King is focused on continuously releasing quality music that resonates with both old and new listeners. His recent projects, “It’s Still Early If You’re Reading This” and “Conversations For Kings,” serve as perfect gateways to understanding his artistic and personal evolution.

For those interested in experiencing the unique sound of Ade The King, his music is available on Spotify (listen here) and updates can be followed on Instagram (follow here). With every track, Ade continues to shape a path that goes beyond music, influencing the cultural landscape of hip-hop with each verse and beat.

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