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MC Proseed


MC Proseed: Crafting A Legacy Through Hip Hop

In the diverse world of hip hop, artists strive to make a mark, to leave a lasting impression, and among those leading the charge is MC Proseed. Hailing from West Palm Beach, this independent artist channels a unique blend of trap music with melodies, creating a sound that resonates with fans and fellow artists alike.

Musical DNA: Origins of MC Proseed

With a father who was a DJ from Queens during the golden age of hip hop, MC Proseed’s passion for music is as genetic as it is environmental. The influence of his mentor, Hussein Fatal of the Outlawz and 2 Pac fame, further fueled his drive to hone his craft.

MC Proseed’s music on Spotify is akin to a soothing fabric of sound, a mesh of poetry and poised noise that’s reflective of his persona. To someone unacquainted with his music, MC Proseed brings an organic twist to trap music, infusing it with a generous dose of melody.

Collaboration and Perseverance: The MC Proseed Way

MC Proseed’s journey in music isn’t solitary. His creative process thrives on collaboration with other artists and producers, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas, which eventually births music that’s organic and relatable.

Remembering a recent memorable moment, MC Proseed shared about a performance he gave at King Of Diamond Miami on his birthday. The natives, he said, truly connected with his music and merchandise.

The primary message that MC Proseed strives to convey through his music is perseverance. He wants his listeners to navigate through life’s wins and losses with an even-keel outlook on their lives. His music serves as a testament to this mantra, and you can feel this message in his lyrics and compositions.

The Influence of Hip Hop Culture and Overcoming Challenges

When asked about the influence of hip-hop culture on his music, MC Proseed confidently asserts that it plays a significant role. His goal is to impart the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding he gained from hip-hop culture to his audience.

MC Proseed has had to navigate through the typical challenges of the music industry and personal loss. The passing of his mother hit hard, but her spirit, he says, accompanies him on his journey, inspiring him to keep pushing forward.

Crafting a Legacy: What’s Next for MC Proseed

His most recent project, a music video titled “Basehead,” is nearing 150k views on YouTube. Currently, he’s working on a vlog set in Miami and preparing for the release of another music video, “Baker Bitches.”

MC Proseed views his music as the soundtrack to his soul. He draws inspiration from the work ethics of legends like Nipsey Hussle, 2 Pac, and Beyoncé, and strives to create his own legacy. In the future, he hopes to push his brand, Yo Lyfe, even further, signing other artists and paving the way for them, much as he has done for himself.

Stay connected with MC Proseed on Instagram and visit to keep up with his journey.

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Clay Tucker
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Clay Tucker is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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