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The Musical Breeze of Tubrizzy: Merging Cultures in Hip-Hop

Exploring Tubrizzy: Afro-Hip-Hop’s Rising Star

Meet Tubrizzy – real name Victor – a 24-year-old independent artist who is turning heads in the global hip-hop scene. Originating from Ibadan, Nigeria, Tubrizzy has a unique musical style which fuses Afrobeat, afropop, and afroswing, blended with flavors of RnB, trap, and hip-hop.

This Instagram sensation started his music journey at the age of nineteen with his first single “jeje”. Since then, Tubrizzy’s creativity has expanded, giving us a spectrum of hits like “Bounce,” “Dubai,” “Go down,” “22 bonnie and clyde,” and two EP projects – “Solid” and “3some.”

Tubrizzy’s Music: A Gentle Breeze across Genres

His sound can be described as ‘brizzy’, a term derived from the word ‘breeze’, indicating a gentle wind. This explains the ease with which his beats penetrate and resonate with listeners. True to his Nigerian roots, the bulk of his work falls under Afropop, yet it carries influences from American, Latin, and UK cultures. His music is a universal language, not limited to any particular demographic. Listen to his distinctive sound on Spotify.

Tubrizzy isn’t just a solo act. He’s made successful collaborations with artists like LasGiidi and Samdot. And we can look forward to more unreleased tracks featuring Detty K and Chonye.

Tubrizzy’s music isn’t just about the rhythm and flow; it’s also about spreading positivity. He wants his listeners to exude self-awareness and confidence, to shine regardless of their circumstances. This ethos is evident in his most recent project, “3some” The EP, which encapsulates freedom and individuality.

Tubrizzy: Shaping the Future of Afro-Hip-Hop

The music industry is often challenging for independent artists. Tubrizzy has experienced this firsthand but has managed to overcome these hurdles with strategic decisions. From investing in his own studio and camera equipment to developing a sustainable lifestyle that supports his music, he’s found a balance that works.

For Tubrizzy, the love of music is his primary motivation. As he plans his upcoming 13-song album, he aims to present himself in a different light – not to be different, but to be authentically himself. This commitment to authenticity, coupled with his unique sound and undeniable talent, makes Tubrizzy an artist to watch in the world of Afro-Hip-Hop.

Stay tuned to witness the evolution of Tubrizzy – an artist who’s just getting started but is undoubtedly here to stay.

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Clay Tucker
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Clay Tucker is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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