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Ludacris Buys Himself Private Jet Following Graduation


Ludacris Buys Himself Private Jet Following Graduation

Picture via Twitter @DailyLoud
Picture via Twitter @DailyLoud

Congrats to well-respected rapper Ludacris for graduating from Georgia State. He celebrates this great accomplishment by buying himself a private jet.

Ludacris shows off his new toy on Instagram for his fans to see. After that, he plans on using the private jet for family vacations and other business-related trips.

His caption on his post was #FamilyUpgrade. Well, fitting caption considering they can now travel wherever they want.

Ludacris graduated with a Music Management degree from Georgia State University. There is no holding back on how happy the rapper is. It is a well-deserved accomplishment.

Ludacris couldn’t help but play “The Jeffersons” theme song as he stepped on board his new plane.

This is not the first plane he has owned. His old plane was a Hawker 700 that was worth around 20 million. The new private jet towers over the old jet.

Last year, he took the time to get his pilot license. Over the years, he has got more passionate about flying the jets himself.

Ludacris’s character “Tej Parker” in Fast & Furious is a vehicle expert who skyed through the air. However, he is trying to turn that into his real life.

Ludacris is going to have a fun time with his new private jet.

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