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Javon Towner aka Raawly is the Future of Motown


Javon Towner aka Raawly is the Future of Motown

Music has been rapidly evolving, especially in the last decade. With new sub-genres, styles, and trends emerging every week, a breath of fresh air is always welcomed from the classic sounds that inspire modern waves.

From the suburbs of Philadelphia, Javon Towner, better known by his stage name, Raawly, is bringing that exact classic sound.

“Growing up, my dad would play the likes of Otis Redding, Teddy Pendergrass, and Marvin Gaye. I grew up to the oldies, old school hip hop, 80s Rock, and Reggae,” Raawly recalled. “Back in 2012 when I was making music with my friends on Mixcraft and Sony Acid…I worked hard until I found a sound that was right for me.”

Although Raawly grew up on the smooth sounds of classic Motown, life also had its challenges. For Raawly, the battle has been a metal one.

“This mental battle I’ve been struggling with for forever’s the process of aligning with my spirit. Some days are smooth, but I rest my life in the hands of God and Jesus Christ. I know He will guide me to where I need to be.”

Just as hefinds healing in his faith, he wants people to experience the same feelings from his music. “I want others to feel good and refreshed (after listening to my music). I want people to heal from my music. Nobody is perfect, especially musicians. When you listen to my music…just know I’m somebody you never seen before.”

Raawly Releases OG Raawly 3

While everyone goes through rough patches, there are also times of excitement. Raawly’s most recent project, OG Raawly Johnson 3 dropped on Halloween of this year. Raawly explained listeners can expect “a more seasoned Raawly” and that he’s “bringing that feel good, firepit, cozy vibe.” While also being the audio engineer in his creative process, his relationships have blossomed into an incredible team who have produced his latest project.

He definitely has a talent for bridging sounds of the past with the voice of today. You can follow his journey on Instagram and stream OG Raawly Johnson 3 on Spotify or Apple Music.

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Marcus Swain
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Having managed hundreds of artists online, formed strategic partnerships with independent labels, and founded his own Music Collective, Midnight District, Marcus has naturally had his ears tuned to the music industry and will undoubtedly break more trending topics here at Hip Hop Today.


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