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Freddie Gibbs Beefing With Benny The Butcher


Freddie Gibbs Beefing With Benny The Butcher

Benny The Butcher and Freddie Gibbs have numerous collaborations with each other. In 2020, they came together for “One Way Flight” from Burden Of Proof “and “Frank Lucas” with The Alchemist. However, their relationship took an abrupt turn somewhere along the way. They ended up taking shots via social media earlier in the year. Freddie Gibbs decided to start beefing with Benny the Butcher.

Benny claimed that Gibbs was “begging” to do an album together, which Gibbs denied. However, the collaboration project that fans had hoped to see happen has begun to look like it’s not a viable option.

In a recent interview with the Drink Champs, Benny The Butcher admitted that he isn’t sure why he got into an issue with the Grammy Award-nominated singer. 

Although he was largely silent about the issue, he did say, “It really ain’t nothin’ that’s happening, but it’s just… The truth is that I do not get getting into, say, relationships with rap artists. So it isn’t real most of the time, do you know what I’m saying”?  

“So, I believe that they put an update on Twitter or did some other shit. And I’m not sure why he did this shit.” After N.O.R.E. responded that he thought they were friends. Benny also agreed, “That’s what I thought.”

They continued to exchange online snark during the weeks that followed and in the days that followed, with Benny posting, “I have never seen these guys tough nowhere but the internet,” and Gibbs replying. “Shout out my Houston guys,” an ode to the city in which Benny suffered a fatally wounded in his leg in a failed robbery in November of 2020. Hopefully, Freddie Gibbs can stop beefing with Benny.

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