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Snoop Takes Dig at 6ix9ine


Snoop Takes Dig at 6ix9ine

Snoop Dogg isn’t a person who is afraid of laughing at his fellow rappers. Unfortunately, his latest victim of his is 6ix9ine. Due to their history, The Doggfather did not intend to let up on the Brooklyn rapper. Snoop takes a dig at 6ix9ine once again.

In the most recent episode of his brand new Peacock show,It’s so Dumb.’ Snoop used the name 6ix9ine for an award he gave to a person who snubbed a family member who had committed a crime.

Snoop said during an interview that someone deserves to be rewarded the “Tekashi69 Memorial Snitch Award.” 

Extra guest Deon Cole, as well as Ron Funches, could hardly contain their laughter. Snoop announced the winner of the prize.

The award’s winner came from the Ohio woman who confided in a news reporter that her cousin had put her home on fire because he could not be intimate with her. The sloppy incident astonished Uncle Snopp and his quests.

It’s well-known that Snoop Dogg isn’t a big fan of 6ix9ine. This isn’t the first time Snoop taking a dig at 6ix9ine. He has criticized him numerous times over the months. Their problems began when the rapper with rainbow hair uploaded a video of himself watching a documentary. The documentary implies Suge Knight saying Snoop was once an informant.

6ix9ine continued his tirade by slamming Snoop’s age, causing Snoop to join the West Coast legend in cheering on the self-proclaimed King of New York.

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