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Doja Cat Vape Free


Doja Cat Is Proud Of Herself For Being 70 Days Vape Free

It’s been an eventful Summer for Doja Cat — she’s shaved her head completely bald and squashed her Twitter beef with Rolling Ray. There is no better way to conclude the season than by celebrating sobriety. Following tonsil surgery, the Grammy Award winning singer announced on Instagram Live that she has been vape free for 70 days. According to Doja, it’s day 70 since she gave up vaping. She asked her fans, “Day 70. Are you proud of me? Day f***ing 70, no vaping.”

Doja Cat Talks About Being Vape Free

Doja Cat said she’d like to have a smoke while still honoring her vape free journey. “In the name of love… I would love to have a f***ing smoke. Motherf****er. I’m going to peel my f***ng skin off.” When the “Need To Know” singer announced in May that she would be quitting vaping. She wrote on Twitter, “nah im too scared to hit it cuz my throat hurts so bad. I cried for hours. its not worth it. then its like imagine all that wierd poisonous sh*t in the vape seeping into the completely open wound in my throat like f*ck that. im hella young.”

She has been working tirelessly to right her wrongs throughout the year, and her latest endeavor is making amends with social media star Rolling Ray. In response to the accusations that she had stolen Ray’s phrase for her clothing line, “It’s Giving,” the platinum selling star reached out to him via social media, simply writing, “check dm.” According to Ray, the message was well received, and he responded with this on Twitter:


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Tyler Lavigne is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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