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3azy Kane on The Come Up


3azy Kane on The Come Up

Growing up on the west side of Philly, 3azy Kane didn’t always have it so easy as a kid. Making it out of Philly is a hard thing to do. It would help if you had a solid network of people around you. Philly can swallow you up if you let people that don’t align with your goals get in the way. 3azy Kane has made it out and also prospered. Because of working hard, don’t be shocked when he’s the next big thing out of Philly. Before we know it, he’ll be on the same level as Meek Mill, Lil Uzi Vert, and PNB Rock.

3azy Kane’s Beginnings

3azy Kane got his start in music through his current labelmate, Hollywood Kane. They met up in college and began working together. After realizing he could make something out of rapping, 3azy Kane started to dedicate more time to the craft. He was learning from and was inspired by generational artists like 50 Cent, Tupac, and Kendrick Lamar. Noting their versatility as artists as something he looked up to and wanted to take from them.

Kane Partners with Kammb Mile High Gang

Kane currently has a recording partnership with indie label Kammb Mile High Gang, or KMG, and does all his recording through them. Other benefits of his partnership include access to a professional setting to work in and having people around him that are just as motivated and work just as hard as he does. 3azy Kane is dropping an EP at the end of February called “NEGUS” and says the main premise of the album is to promote and celebrate Black History Month. Up to this point, his biggest musical accomplishment is freestyling on stage with Wyclef, although he’s going to do much more during the duration of his career.

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