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Zo Pesos


Zo Pesos: The Melodic Dancehall Vibe from Brooklyn

Brooklyn, N.Y. is no stranger to talent. It has birthed countless artists who’ve changed the face of hip-hop. Entering this illustrious list is “Zo Pesos,” an artist who refuses to be boxed into one category. With a unique blend of hip-hop, melodic tones, and dancehall vibes, she’s not just another name; she’s a revolution.

From West Indian Roots to the Global Stage

Zo Pesos isn’t just another hip hop artist; she’s a reflection of her environment and roots. She says, “I’m a hip hop artist hailing from East Ny Brooklyn. My music is inspired by my West Indian roots and cultural influence.” That influence is evident in her unique sound, which is a seamless mix of hip hop melodic dancehall rolled into one unforgettable vibe. It’s a sound she prides herself on, especially in a region dominated by drill music.

Her music isn’t just for entertainment. For Pesos, her songs are an avenue for self-expression. “My music allows me to have an additional voice when I can’t express myself the traditional way,” she reveals. Over time, by sticking with her passion and going through growth, her music has naturally evolved.

Inspiration and the Road Ahead

The forces that drive “Zo Pesos” are varied. She cites an artist named Vory as a key influence, but there’s also a personal touch – her father’s early introduction to a studio and her internal attraction towards drums and beat patterns. One of her most cherished memories is being able to record in the studio on his birthday. It’s clear; music isn’t just a career for her; it’s a calling.

She’s faced her fair share of challenges, like losing her inspiration at one point because she couldn’t find her sound. But she’s overcome them through resilience and a clear purpose. “I don’t compete with anybody. Music is my passion,” she shares confidently.

Looking to the future, Zo Pesos has big dreams. “I want to be an international artist as well as win a couple Grammys,” she says. As for his recent works, she wants the world to listen and see. They reflect her life experiences, giving listeners a raw and real insight into her journey.

Follow Zo Pesos on Instagram and listen to her captivating sounds on Spotify. As she aptly puts it, with her music, it’s more of a “wait and see approach.”

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Clay Tucker
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Clay Tucker is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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