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Zayy Gottii


Zayy Gottii: Rising Hip-Hop Star’s Journey from Chorus to Chart-Topping Hits

Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey, Isaiah Alexander, known professionally as Zayy Gottii, is a name swiftly gaining traction in the hip-hop world. Signed with Bentley Records, Zayy Gottii embodies the essence of a modern artist: resilient, innovative, and deeply connected to his roots.

From Humble Beginnings to Hip-Hop Heights

Zayy Gottii’s love affair with music began in the chorus and band of his school, a passion that only grew stronger with time. His journey was not without hurdles; facing homelessness and relocating to Georgia at 13, he found solace and expression through music. The transformative years saw Gottii experimenting with different sounds, crafting his unique style, and eventually creating his popular track “Keep Pushinn,” available on all platforms including Spotify.

A Sound Shaped by Life

Zayy Gottii’s music is a reflection of his life experiences, from the pains of his past to the joys of musical creation. His style, a blend of inspiration and vibe, resonates with a broad spectrum of listeners. Collaborations with various artists and producers have further enriched his sound, a mix of southern and northern flow, appealing to a diverse audience.

A Message of Perseverance and Passion

Beyond his rhythmic prowess, Zayy Gottii’s message to his listeners is clear: embrace life with fun and intelligence, never give up, and stay true to your passions. His track “Okay Okay” exemplifies this ethos, a declaration of resilience against adversity.

The Road Ahead

Zayy Gottii’s future in the music industry looks bright, with ambitions to elevate his career and make a global impact. His journey, infused with authenticity and faith, serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere.

Follow Zayy Gottii’s journey on Instagram and immerse yourself in his world of hip-hop that’s not just music, but a lifestyle, a passion, and a testament to the power of perseverance.

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