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YK Osiris Snubs R.Kelly For King of R&B And Crowns Usher

YK Osiris Crowns Usher King of R&B

Usher is the person YK Osiris believes deserves to be called the King of R&B over R. Kelly.

Osiris spoke about Kehlani’s appearance on “Ride” from his King of R&B EP released in 2021 during a recent interview with VladTV . According to YK, Def Jam picked the album title as a marketing ploy, not because he believes he’s the King of R&B.

YK Osiris was then asked by Vlad to choose a deserving candidate of the title, to which he responded Usher. YK stood firm in his decision even after the show host threw R. Kelly’s name into the mix.

YK explained, “I love Usher”. “R. Kelly, he’s one of the greatest. I like Usher. It’s just certain things like R. Kelly is fire, but there’s just certain things that turns me off a little bit. Like you can be great all you want to, it just certain things you gotta uphold. It’s cool; I just love Usher. Usher is that n-gga. R. Kelly, I don’t know, did a lot of things that just doesn’t make sense.”

See YK Osiris’s full VladTV interview on Youtube below:

Jacquees Unhappy with Osiris

While interviewing with Sway Calloway in 2019, YK gave Chris Brown the title. After Atlanta native Jacquees claimed he was the king, YK Osiris took a slight jab at Jacquees.

He said, “Chris Brown, he’s the king, fa sho”. “But you gotta understand, in this generation, ain’t a lot of singers. Jacquees, you feel me, I don’t think he really even mess with me like that. Not music-wise. Now vocals, yeah, he got it. But like music? Nah, fa sho.”

In a response that has since been deleted on Instagram, Jacquees said: “I was gonna let the little n-gga breathe. YK Osiris, stop knocking on my fucking door. Stop asking me for big bro advice. Stop. You had my name in your mouth with Sway; that was a mistake. You can’t sing like me lil’ bro. I wanted you to win, I still do. Don’t bring my muthafuckin’ name up. You not on my level — at all.”

 Mario decided to join the conversation on Instagram Live with WGCI Chicago in 2020. Mario believes that if the criteria are purely based on skills, he should be the rightful winner.

He started by saying, “If we really talking about just straight, pure skill”. “We not talking about relevance, we not talking about who puts out 100 songs a year – we talking about, ‘N-gga give me a mic, you get a mic.’ If we just talking about that, there’s nobody fucking with me. I promise you. On everything, I put that on my grave.”

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