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YG's Criminal Case Gets Dismissed From Robbery Case


YG’s Criminal Case Gets Dismissed From Robbery Case

Picture via Complex
Picture via Complex

YG’s criminal case gets dismissed after the jury selection this morning. However, he was on the hook for an alleged robbery in Las Vegas.

There are multiple sources close to YG telling TMZ that YG settled out of court. But he agreed with the victim of the robbery. The guy as well was no longer interested in working with prosecutors.

In 2018, an altercation involving YG yanking a chain off some random dude’s neck. He was facing felony robbery charges for his actions. This took place at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. YG left the scene with the diamond pendant.

YG admitted to the bling snapping off the man when they were in a fight. However, he denies that he never stole anything when the chain fell off. YG’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, spoke out on the case. He told TMZ that the results would have been the same if they took it to trial.

This situation is not the first time YG has been in the news for robbery. In January, prosecutors from Los Angeles got files being charged against YG. Fortunately for YG, there was insufficient evidence to link him to the alleged robbery, so no files were officially charged.

Finally, YG’s criminal case officially tossed after they come to an agreement on the side.

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