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Xzibit’s Estranged Ex-Wife Krista Struggling Financially

Rapper Xzibit thinks paying spousal support to his estranged ex-wife Krista is an absolute outrage. Considering Krista and her new boyfriend are both set up lavishly in the 3 million-dollar home Xzibit paid for.

Due to the pandemic drying up the bank accounts. The former “Pimp My Ride” star straight up doesn’t have the funds to pay what she is asking for. The rapper himself is in a bit of a financial stumble himself. Estranged ex-wife Krista Joiner files legal docs requesting spousal support.

Xzibit Struggling:

Xzibit is no longer the breadwinner he once was prior to the pandemic as he has not worked in Hollywood since 2019 obtained by TMZ reports. Cannabis ventures bring no financial gains to mention as well as concert ticket sales are non-existent, due to the Covid pandemic scuttling his income.

In a document X says he is “struggling to make ends meet, at the same time trying to uphold being a public figure. Pay my own expenses and provide for my son.”

According to Xzibit, Krista is doing just fine financially even without the help of spousal support. After all, she is nestled up in a 3 million-dollar mansion with her new boyfriend and his kids, earning a yearly income of around 175,000 per year.

Krista’s boyfriend has been blowing all kinds of smoke up social media’s ass. Claiming bragging rights and letting the world know he’s been filming a pilot in Xzibit’s former mansion as well as removing his artwork off of all the walls of the home. He removed the record plaques as well.

Ex-Wife Krista Going Crazy:

After filing for divorce in February, X asked Krista to agree to sell the home but might not be so easy to do now that the housing market is beginning to slow down.

X’s former home is estimated at a modest $3,715,600 dollars. X thinks the home could have been appraised at a much higher value had Krista agreed to sell at an earlier date. Says they had to take out short-term loans to cover the mortgage loan pending sale.

Oh, it gets better people. X says Krista took out a lease behind his back as an Xzibit Inc., executive on a brand new Bentley. Krista reportedly is not an executive with the company Xzibit Inc. He even says she went as far as to forge his name on the check for the down payment.

X instructed Krista to return the Bentley but she refused. She hid the car for 8 months to avoid repo. X says he can’t afford the insurance and lease payments. The car was soon after repossessed just a short while before Krista filed for divorce.

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Cory Campagna is a Senior-Writer out of the Midwest for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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