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Wren Astra


Wren Astra: The Artivist Singing For Freedom and Liberation

Wren Astra: The Artivist Singing For Freedom and Liberation

Wren Astra, an independent artist hailing from Los Angeles, CA, is not just any musician. She’s an indie blues artivist passionately using her music as a medium to advocate for freedom from tyranny, abuse, and oppression. But, who exactly is Wren Astra? Let’s dive deep into her world.

Musical Roots and Inspirations

When you think of “Wren Astra,” envision noir blues/gothic folk, reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit, underscored by meaningful lyrics. Add a mix of spaghetti western and trip-hop vibes, evoking a smoky night lounge and vintage noir. But it doesn’t stop there; her songs resonate with activism and social justice themes.

Drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of sources like Fiona Apple, Portishead, and Nancy Sinatra, Wren has sculpted her unique sound. She attributes her diverse musical canvas to everything from spaghetti westerns to trip-hop and indie music. Not to mention her profound respect for 19th-century classical melodies, underground lyrical hip-hop, and the compelling scratch DJ work of icons like MF Doom and Mos Def.

Collaborations and Advocacy

As an advocate for creating brave spaces, Wren collaborates extensively with a diverse array of artists. She has a particular focus on working with bipoc, lgbtqia+, and neurodiverse session artists, especially those who have emerged from the shadows of oppression and abuse.

A poignant memory from her musical journey involves collaborating with her vocal coach Ace Carnage and his son Zero Surico at For3st Hills (Hear No Evil Studio, Orange, CA). This brave space they cultivated played a crucial role in healing from her trauma.

Wren’s message is lucid: it’s challenging to break free from trauma, but liberation paves the path to bloom into our best versions. Through her music, she promotes the essence of becoming a person who stands tall against adversity and paves brave spaces for oneself and others.

From Challenge to Creation

Wren’s music journey wasn’t always smooth. The aftermath of the 9-11 WTC attacks forced her into a 20-year hiatus. Her life took another turn when she dedicated five years supporting her abuser’s art career. Escaping from that grim phase, doors started to open for her, allowing her music to flourish and tell her story. Her recent project, “Freedom Day,” symbolizes the turning point when one decides not to endure abuse, control, or tyranny any longer.

Music has been Wren’s constant companion. From her classical saxophonist days to her present noir blues/gothic folk, music has been her therapy. Today, she’s channeling all her experiences into her ambitious “Freedom Day” 3-album project.

In today’s competitive music industry, Wren keeps herself motivated by connecting with like-minded artists worldwide, drawing inspiration from thrivers and survivors of oppression.

As she looks ahead, her plans are grand. With her first album already shaping up, she’s penning down her second album, “No Mud No Lotus.” Slated to record in January 2024, she’s also gearing up for worldwide live shows starting summer 2024. Wren’s vision isn’t confined to music alone. She’s eager to collaborate with visual artists for music videos, paintings, and public art projects.

For all her fans and followers, Wren invites you to share your stories of overcoming abuse. To engage with her journey and creations, make sure you follow her on Spotify and Instagram. Let’s create a brave space together and amplify the message of “Liberate, Germinate, Elevate.”

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Clay Tucker
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Clay Tucker is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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