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Wale Cuts His Dreads


Wale Cuts His Dreads Ahead of New Acting Role

One thing Wale gets recognized for besides his rap talents is his signature Dreadlocks. They’ve been growing for a while. But is he prepared to let them go for the sake of a movie role? Wale cuts his dreads for his new role in an upcoming film.

The following day, May 1st, Wale hopped on Twitter asking the exact question when he told fans he came across a screenplay that caught his attention. However, the script requires him to remove his dreadlocks. Having dreadlocks involves a lot of time and effort to master. Because of the time and effort, Wale has put in, he faces a difficult decision.

Wale Cuts His Dreads

Wale cuts his dreads and decides to take the role in the upcoming movie. He came out with a series of tweets stating that he found a script he loved. The follow-up tweet to this was a picture of himself. The caption was, “I mean, I’m still handsome.”

An online fan chose to interact with Wale and upload a photo of him in the mid-2000s in the MTV Video Music Awards and asked whether the rapper who didn’t have hairdos would be able to drop freestyles, as he did in the past. He was notified of the tweet and responded, but without ever giving a definitive answer.

Wale Featured in Michael Bay’s Ambulance Film

Wale has plenty to consider when it comes to his next film role, especially after his performance in Michael Bay’s Ambulance film, which debuted in theaters in March. The film features Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Eiza Gonzalez.

Ambulance follows the story of two adopted children and bank robbers, who take over an ambulance, and then take two emergency responders hostage. Wale portrays a character whose name is Castro.

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