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    UFO Paints Vivid Images in your Mind Through his Masterfully Constructed Wordplay 


    Donte Mosby, aka UFO, is creating major headway in the music industry due to his unique sound, and masterfully crafted lyrics. Growing up in Chicago, IL, UFO found himself naturally gravitating towards music at a young age. He always felt connected to it and in his heart felt this was his calling. He started hearing different beats, melodies, and tones in his head which he couldn’t shake. He started to work on his craft and through time and persistent effort unknowingly to him became a lyrical genius.

    UFO is an independent artist who draws the inspiration for his music from the difficult trials and tribulations he faced as a young man. While in his youth he would turn to music as a therapeutic outlet to help avoid the harsh reality going on around him. He knew that if he could harness all his emotion and put it into words then he could help others who face difficult times of their own. When listening to UFO’s music he creates an undeniable emotional connection with the listener through the story he tells in each of his songs. UFO wants all his listeners to be in the present moment and truly sink in and dissect the message he is getting across through his lyrics. UFO understands that everybody has their own struggles in life, and he hopes that through his music he can give others the courage and strength to overcome all that they face.

    As UFO continues to grow as an artist his fans can expect a plethora of new music to be released. He currently has multiple projects released across all platforms, and this is just the beginning for UFO.

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    Latest Posts


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