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Timmo Russ


Timmo Russ: The Pulse of Philadelphia’s Music Scene

Timmo Russ, legally known as Russ Cordie, is a prominent figure in Philadelphia, heralding what many are calling a new renaissance in the city’s music and cultural scene. As an independent artist with a decade of experience in entertainment and hospitality management, Timmo Russ has carved out a niche for himself, seamlessly blending his roles as an artist, entrepreneur, and community leader.

The Musical Journey of Timmo Russ

From the vibrant streets of Philadelphia to the global stages, Timmo Russ’s musical style is a unique fusion of influences that keeps audiences dancing and engaged. His major influences include iconic figures such as Michael Jackson, LL Cool J, Lauryn Hill, and Kanye West, but it’s the energetic vibes of global dance music and a commitment to a positive lifestyle that truly define his sound.

Timmo Russ’s approach to music is all about creating an experience. “My style is BIG, very commercial, very fun, keeps you moving,” he explains. He credits the pulsating club scene of Philadelphia as a significant influence on his energetic performances that are designed to make dancefloors shake.

Collaborations and Community Impact

A firm believer in the talent of his hometown, Timmo Russ prefers to collaborate with fellow Philadelphians. “Philly is booming. I want to make us the New ATL,” he states, highlighting the city’s potential to become a new hub for musical innovation. His collaborations are a testament to his dedication to local talent, ensuring that Philadelphia is represented on every track he produces.

One memorable moment that stands out in his career involves the direct feedback he receives from fans. “The best experience and feeling is when a fan tells you how much they connect to the song and message,” Timmo Russ shares. It’s this connection that fuels his passion for music and community engagement.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Timmo Russ has ambitious plans for both his music and his community. He is headlining the upcoming 3,000-person Cinco De Mayo festival on May 5th, 2024, along the Delaware River waterfront in Philadelphia. The festival, named El MOVIMIENTO, mirrors the title of his upcoming project with Latin superstar Don Cuba.

His future projects include the release of his EP “Amber White,” which promises to blend Philadelphia classics with his unique style. Timmo Russ’s goals for the summer of 2024 revolve around performances with his band and dance crew, showcasing his dynamic musical and performance style.

For those eager to follow Timmo Russ’s journey, check out his latest releases and updates on Spotify and follow him on Instagram to stay connected with the latest in Philly events, lifestyle tips, and music-centered health and wellness goals. Timmo Russ is not just an artist; he’s a movement, embodying the spirit and energy of Philadelphia in every beat.

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