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The ‘Tomorrow 2’ video: Cardi B and GloRilla Cause Chaos in NYC

NYC Female Rappers Taking Over

The video for GloRilla and Cardi B‘s new song “Tomorrow 2” is out now

The video, directed by Diesel Filmz, finds GloRilla and Cardi running amok in the Big Apple. The rising Memphis rapper is featured in the clip. She is riding around Times Square with her crew and rapping while wearing a ski mask. GloRilla and Cardi are seen twerking their way up to Harlem in the New York City Subway. Glo’s trademark dance moves make her stand out even at a local bodega.

GloRilla raps, “P-poppin’ shit, you would think I went to school for chiropractin’ / Lookin’ good as hell today, just sent my n-gga five attachments / Why did you confront me ’bout a n-gga? Man, you bitches backwards / They come at me ’bout n-ggas who I don’t even find attractive.”

Cardi raps, “I’ve been on these bitches neck so long, sometimes my foot get stuck / I can’t put you in my business, you might wish me dead tomorrow / Bitches be on my dick today, sing every word of ‘Up’ tomorrow / Bitch, I still got cases opened, keep your mouth shut tomorrow / Play with me today then get some sleep, you know it’s up tomorrow.”

Cardi B had already Co-Signed GloRilla

GloRilla has had big support from Cardi B in the rap world.

When she was talking to Angie Martinez in July, she said her breakout hit “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” was the song of the summer. Cardi B said, “As soon I get off the plane, she hearted something because I used to always DM her all the time, I would blow her up.” She continued, “I don’t know what it was I sent her, but I know she hearted it, and I text her after she hearted it. She text me back, then she sent me the little voice message. I was like, ‘Ahhh Cardi!’”

Cardi B, earlier this month, showed her fandom for GloRilla by referencing lyrics to the original song, “Tomorrow”, on Instagram. This was after she plead guilty to a 2018 strip club assault case.

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