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Chocolate Goddess


The Meteoric Rise of Chocolate Goddess: A Voice that Speaks to Reality

A New Voice in Hip-Hop: Meet Chocolate Goddess

In an industry saturated with talent, standing out is no easy feat. But Chocolate Goddess, an independent artist born in New York and currently residing in Kentucky, is doing just that. Her unique voice and style have not only caught our ears but also made us pay close attention to the message she delivers.

Discover her music for yourself on Spotify and follow her journey on Instagram.

Shaping Her Own Style and Message

Versatility is a term that Chocolate Goddess swears by. Whether it’s rapping or singing, her music has a distinct flair that sets her apart. In her own words, she describes her musical style as “Versatile, Different, Distinct, [and] Fire.” Influenced by a variety of artists and inspired by her own life experiences, she has carved a niche for herself in the competitive world of hip-hop.

“Studying my craft, perfecting it, and keeping my own style has significantly shaped my music,” says the artist. This dedication to her art shows not only in her individual tracks but also in her collaborations. “You have to make sure it’s professional and everyone understands their part when coming together,” she adds about the collaborative process.

The Chocolate Goddess Experience: From TikTok to Radio

Chocolate Goddess has been on an exciting journey, from having her first song go viral on TikTok to being played on radio stations. “When I dropped my first song, it went viral on TikTok. I couldn’t believe it,” she recalls, emphasizing the importance of such milestones in her three-year career. Her most recent single, “Don’t You MF Play With Me,” has already garnered over 200 radio plays, a testament to her growing influence.

A Future Star in the Making: The Journey Ahead for Chocolate Goddess

As for her future, Chocolate Goddess is just getting started. With plans to release an EP next year and a determination to make it to the top, she remains ambitious. “The future plans I have are to go harder, being super consistent, always posting great content, and never stopping,” she elaborates.

Aside from her music, she hopes to inspire others to be authentic and believes in the power of self-confidence. “Always believe in yourself and do what makes you happy!” she urges her followers.

For more updates, make sure to stay tuned to her Spotify and Instagram pages.

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Clay Tucker
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Clay Tucker is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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