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The Grind Doesn’t Stop For Yung Hen

Henry Wood, better known as Yung Hen, is a talented independent artist based out of Pleasant Hill, California. Yung Hen got his start with rapping as a child and used to memorize his favorite rap songs. When he hit high school he began to write music for himself. He went to college for a short time but found that this just wasn’t the path for him. He decided it was time to make his dreams a reality and started to focus on his music. Yung Hen began recording in his room and has not been able to build up to recording in studios with other esteemed artists.

Challenges Yung Hen has faced:

Throughout his journey, he has had to overcome a lot of challenges and has dealt with serious mental health issues. Including Bipolar, ADHS, chronic anxiety, and chronic depression. Throughout his life, he has struggled to find the motivation to keep going but has been able to use music as an outlet to channel his struggles and emotions. Through these struggles, he has also had great accomplishments, including getting 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 200,000 streams on all of his platforms.

Yung Hen has many inspirations as an artist, but his true musical idol is XXXTENTACION. He believes every song XXXTENTACION touches turns to gold with his versatility and his ability to express himself. Yung Hen hopes to one day be able to be an idol to other artists as XXXTENTACION is to him.

New Project:

Yung Hen is hard at work in the studio currently and plans to record 5 songs this coming month, with at least 1 music video dropping by the next of July. He also has big summer plans with a song and music video dropping on August 1st. This is a remix of a childhood nursery rhyme that will blow his fans away. Give Yung Hen a follow on Instagram to keep up with his journey. His music can be found on Spotify.

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Matt Kolesar
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Matt Kolesar is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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