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The Game Calls Out DJ Akademiks Over His Coverage Of Rappers

The Game Speaks Up

Heated conversations about our favorite rappers continue to rage on Clubhouse, and several notable figures were recently involved. A passionate discussion about Lil Durk’s lyrics was taking place over on Clubhouse, with Wack 100, Tekashi 6ix9ine, DJ Akademiks, and others participating. There was a discussion as to whether Durk would really “slide on” someone in real life, and DJ Akademiks interrupted the talk to say it was irrelevant because Durk is an entertainer. Through the over-talk, a familiar voice surfaced through the blogger’s argument that the music industry isn’t the streets. Up until that point, The Game had been fairly quiet, but DJ Akademiks’ remarks made him speak out.

“I’m sittin’ here listening, and Akademiks, you made some f*cked up points. N*gga this sh*t—you sayin’ the Rap sh*t ain’t the streets sh*t. N*ggas been smoked—rappers, regular n*ggas, street n*ggas… Since Biggie and Pac died, this sh*t been Rap and street sh*t. Bro, y’all better get off this, get from behind the motherf*ckin’ computer screen and catch a bullet or something to know this for real.”

Academiks responded to The Game, saying what he referred to “wasn’t [his] point.” Another reader asked if DJ Akademiks thought he contributed to the problem because he posted commentary on situations prone to violence. His response was that what he does is minor compared to rappers’ lyrics about “killing somebody or them selling drugs.”

DJ Akademiks Defense

A number of other blogs share the same information as DJ Akademiks, so “why are people so mad at Akademiks” Wack 100 questioned.

“‘Cause that n*gga Akademiks, that motherf*cka is Uncle Ben. He on front of the rice, n*gga that’s why,” said Game. “You go to Shade Room, it ain’t no face on Shade Room, you don’t know why runnin’ that… The n*gga Akademiks sh*t is Akademiks.” Other users agreed, adding that Akademiks posted posts and gave people nicknames to benefit from rappers fighting.

Listen to the discussion below.

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Tyler Lavigne
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Tyler Lavigne is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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