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Terrace Martin Done With Rappers


Terrace Martin Done With Rappers

Los Angeles-based jazz singer Terrace Martin has been one of Hip Hop’s most personal tools for many years. Martin is a pivotal player in West Coast music to show the length of time. Whatever the music genre, he was instrumental in shaping the style and sound of Snoop Dogg, Warren G Nate Dogg’s, Warren G’s albums in 2004, and all the four albums of Kendrick Lamar’s studio albums from the album of 2011 Section.80. Now, Terrace Martin is done working with rappers.

Now Martin believes he has done his obligation to help “rap friends.”
The day before April 22nd, the well-known producer posted through social media. He explained that he’s willing to support his fellow rappers and offer help, but he doesn’t receive the same amount of love and respect.

His relationships with them led Martin to renounce publishing credits, money, and credit to Martin’s liking. But, at the exact moment, the producer saw other producers earn more. They would also come to Martin for advice and suggestions within the music industry.

Terrace Martin Writes a Note

“Dear Rap Friends,” the letter started. “It just hit me. I’ve helped people my whole career. I’ve helped the biggest artists to the smallest artists. Whether it be producing a record or playing keys or sax solos or bringing in musicians to enhance an album to just giving game from all of my experiences. Now I realize that the love and help I’ve been giving for YEARS has never returned when I need it. “

He went on to say, “I have waived publishing credits and money. Because of the bonds on friendships, and watching the way my “rapper friends” overpay these producers who call me for advice and pointers is the most brutal insult to the face. That’s why I’m done. I’m not working with another rap group.”

Martin’s solo career has led to nine studio projects. Including 2021’s Drones, which features James Fauntleroy, Robert Glasper, Snoop, K. Dot, Leon Bridges, Ty Dolla $ign, and many others. In addition to the album Baby Keem’s The Blue Melodic, Drones was the only album containing Lamar’s new music.

Martin isn’t involved with any of his “rap friends,” but Martin is still collaborating with top musicians. In February, Martin was part of Black Radio III’s produce with Glasper Bryan-MichaelCox, Glasper, and Jahi Sundance. It was a good run for Terrace Martin but he is now done with rappers.

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