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SOS MONREAL: The Voice of Honesty and Heartbreak in Hip Hop

SOS MONREAL: A Journey from Philadelphia to the Heart of Hip Hop

Born Monreal Marshall and known artistically as SOS MONREAL, this Philadelphia native stands as a beacon of raw emotion and storytelling in the hip hop world. An independent artist with a journey as diverse as his music, SOS MONREAL weaves his East and West coast experiences into an authentic sound, influenced by icons like Future, The Weeknd, 6lack, and Lil Durk.

The Collaborative Spirit and Creative Evolution

SOS MONREAL’s collaborative efforts, notably with Dub Block MILLY, infuse his music with depth and relatability. His standout remix of “Eastside” from the “Ion Sleep Normal” project exemplifies his intuitive and genuine creative process. Beyond music, he dreams of building creative studios globally to nurture upcoming talents.

Standing Out in the Industry: Triumphs and Aspirations

SOS MONREAL’s career is marked by memorable moments, such as sharing the stage with 6lack in France, solidifying his belief in the transformative power of music. His aspiration is not just personal success but giving back to the community and supporting others in their artistic journeys. Music for him is a conduit for self-awareness, honesty, and advocating for mental health.

“ION SLEEP NORMAL”: A Testament to Growth and Authenticity

SOS MONREAL’s latest project, “ION SLEEP NORMAL,” available on Spotify, is a vibrant showcase of his emotional and experiential spectrum. With tracks like “Mines Forever” leading the charge, he continues to make significant strides in the hip hop scene. To join SOS MONREAL on his musical journey, follow him on Instagram and stay tuned for his upcoming projects and initiatives.

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