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Snoop Dogg Reveals Near Miss with Military

Snoop Dogg’s Close Call with Military Service

Snoop Dogg, the West Coast rap legend, recently disclosed that he came close to enlisting in the U.S. Air Force before pursuing a career in music. On Memorial Day, Snoop took to Instagram to pay homage to the troops while reminiscing about the time when he and his friends contemplated joining the military.

The Decision That Altered Snoop’s Path

In 1989, as they were about to graduate from high school, Snoop Dogg and his friends went to the registration office in Long Beach to explore the possibility of joining the Air Force. As Snoop filled out the paperwork, he found himself contemplating whether he truly wanted to embark on this military path. In a pivotal moment, Snoop excused himself, claiming he needed to go to the car. Little did he know that this decision would shape his future.

A Tribute to Veterans and Snoop’s Soldier Mentality

Expressing his gratitude and respect for the troops, Snoop Dogg acknowledges that even though he didn’t serve in the military, he carries a soldier’s spirit within him. He acknowledges his friend who did become a true veteran, serving in the Air Force. Snoop’s father, Vernell Varnado, who received a Purple Heart after being shot four times in the Vietnam War, also played a significant role in shaping Snoop’s perspective.

Snoop’s Reflection on the Harsh Reality of War

During an interview on The Howard Stern Show, Snoop Dogg shared his father’s experience in Vietnam and the challenges faced by Black soldiers. Snoop revealed that the life expectancy for a Black male in Vietnam was a mere 16.4 seconds, and they were often sent to the front lines. This exposed them not only to combat with the Vietnamese but also to racism and danger from fellow soldiers. These insights into his father’s story deepened Snoop’s appreciation for the sacrifices made by military personnel.

Snoop’s Connection to Military Service through Family

Snoop Dogg’s cousin, Nate Dogg, chose a different path and joined the Marines at the age of 17. He served as an ammunition specialist for three years before being discharged in 1989. Nate Dogg’s decision to enlist was driven by a desire to test himself and prove his manhood. This familial connection to military service further influences Snoop’s perspective on the armed forces.

Rappers Who Served in the Military

While Snoop Dogg narrowly missed joining the military, other notable rappers have proudly served their country. Artists such as Freddie Gibbs, Malice, Ice-T, MC Hammer, Mystikal, and Canibus have all had military experience, showcasing the diversity of talents within the rap community.

As we honor the troops on this Memorial Day, Snoop Dogg’s story serves as a reminder of the paths not taken and the deep appreciation for those who serve in the military. Stay tuned for more updates on Snoop Dogg’s journey and his ongoing contributions to the world of hip-hop.

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