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Roddy Ricch’s Wireless Festival Has White Fans Reciting The N-Word

Roddy Ricch is no stranger to headlines as of late. Roddy Ricch is the topic of discussion after footage of his recent set at the Wireless Festival surfaced online.

Friday July 8th, Ricch took the stand at Finsbury Park in London, England. Roddy had the crowd engaged with his performance the entire time. What started as a regular festival show quickly turned uncomfortable when the crowd started singing the words to Roddy Ricch hit single “The Box”.

In a video shared to social media, the mostly white crowd recited every word of the song. Meanwhile Roddy Ricch told them to “Sing that shit” going into the catchy hook, festival-goers kept the karaoke going with the hook. The white crowd were even singing the line “suck a n-gga soul,” which wasn’t censored on the audio track.

Public Spoke Out:

People on social media were swift to comment. Many felt uncomfortable about a large group of white people loosely saying the N-word. However others weren’t surprised about it.

“Many a n-gga was sung, nary a n-gga was seen,” Someone tweeted while another person said, “ya’ll really thought all them white ppl in that Roddy Ricch performance weren’t gonna say ‘n-gga’? at this point i don’t even cringe when i hear stuff like that, it’s just expected…smmfbbh.”

Roddy Ricch drew criticism again at another recent festival when he kicked a fan that ran on stage during his set. This incident with Roddy Ricch took place at the Openair Frauenfeld Festival in Switzerland. Roddy was performing “The Box” when a fan ran past him on stage, causing him to drop his microphone.

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