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Roddy Ricch Names Rap GOATs Of Current Generation, NLE Choppa Disagrees

In a recent appearance on Power 106.1, Roddy Ricch was asked to give his list of the rap GOATS of the current generation. Fellow rap artist, NLE Choppa, chimed in to give his critique on Ricch’s list.

“It’s a few,” the Compton, California native said when asked to present his list. “I’ll say me, YoungBoy and Kodak”.

NLE Choppa believes he belongs in the conversation:

NLE Choppa took to Twitter to share his response saying, “Best under 25. It’s crazy not to mention me when you realize I’m only 19. You don’t have to like my music, but my numbers are undeniable. 16 Gold and Platinum Plagues, 6 songs over 100M, 6 Billion Streams Worldwide, Sold Out Tour in US, also currently selling out Europe too”.

He also added, “you can’t compare me to no n-gga. I’m literally the youngest doing it, and it ain’t one person my age done what I’ve done so far. Everybody else got at least 3 years on me average. Then it’s me 3 years sin the game and I’ve already did more than some n-ggas whole career.”

NLE Choppa’s numbers prove a strong resume:

NLE Choppas most recent effort, Me vs. Me, sold approximately 20,000 copies the week it was released back in February, but the Memphis native deemed the low sales a victory due to his history as an artist.

“Big W, My first Album Sold 36K First Week And Is Now Currently GOLD,” he wrote in response to a tweet from DJ Akademiks reporting his sales projections. “This Is A Mixtape I’m Grateful For What I Have I’m In Competition With No One This Is Perfect For Me My Plaque Still Coming, Watch.”

While NLA Choppa is only 19 years old, it appears his music is resonating with older audiences as well. Choppa recently linked with a 61-year-old super fan who allegedly knew all of his lyrics.

Choppa also took to Instagram, writing, “I Just Met One Of My Favorite Fans Ever On Tour. She’s Fasho Invited To The Cookout. She’s 61 And Knows Every Song Word For Word Much Love For Her. Thank you, beautiful soul.”

Roddy Ricch claim to “GOAT” Is Justified:

Roddy Ricch also has statistics to back up his self-anointment as the GOAT. His debut album, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in 2019 and has since been certified double platinum.

Roddy Ricch the 23-year-old rapper also just released The Big 3, a new three-track EP, and, alongside it, a new music video for the single “Real Talk” on June 27th, 2022. You can watch his music video below.

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