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Roddy Ricch Assaults Fan At Concert

It’s not new for some fans to get a little overzealous at shows. At times fans think it’s a good idea to run on stage to get close to their favorite artist. Over the years it has become increasingly difficult for security to cover all areas of entrance due to the rising number of fans finding a reason to rush the stage. Security at these shows is usually quick to tackle anyone who dares try to get on stage. However, artists have been known to get in the mix themselves at times, such as Roddy Ricch. Roddy Ricch got into it at his latest concert.

Roddy Ricch Performance:

During his performance at the Openair Frauenfeld Festival hosted in Switzerland, California Hip-Hop star Roddy Ricch was performing his hit single “The Box” when suddenly a fan ran past him on stage. As a result of the slight push, the rapper’s microphone fell out of his hand. Roddy Ricch wasted no time confronting the fan. Two security guards on the scene were handling the situation until Roddy Ricch took it upon himself to start kicking the fan whilst being moved off the stage.

Roddy Ricch went on with his concert like nothing happened. He has yet to respond about the incident. But fans have already taken the initiative to start commenting on social media about how bad this incident looks on his part.

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